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Évora Museum of Archeology

Évora, Alentejo, Portugal

When addressing the design of a museum, one must address certain aspects: lighting, permanent or temporary gallery spaces, circulation, structure... The list is relentless. But one thing that seems to escape the architect is wether the building truly expresses what it is being displayed within its expositions. Take the idea of archeology museum, it displays artifacts that are in themselves fragments of their place defined by time and space. Time and space unite themselves in these fragments to tell the story of their existence, and in so, a museum of archeology should reflect the belief that its existence is predicated in time and space. In this project it is expressed as a triangular plaza, whose vector point from afar resemples linear time, with museum spaces interconnected to time through series of circulation paths that connect back to the plaza. So in turn the museum becomes its own fragment of place, with the indifference of time uniting the causality of space. 

Where time and place unite to recount history...
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Roman Gallery1.jpg
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