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Highpoint Tower

Newark, New Jersey
What if the suburbs had a place in the city?

The City of Newark suffered the great injustice of having its once vibrant existence robbed by the discrimination and violence of the second half of the 20th Century and the great suburban sprawl that surrounds it. This project is as much social commentary as it is novel, the rise of suburban America aided to the decline of Cities because the desire to own one's property was deeply rooted in the psyche of the American Experience, although the urban realm was culturally enriching, the matter was that renting an apartment and having little privacy dampened a sense of ownership. This tower was conceived to be a vertical suburb, where its occumpants are housed within cells with their own outdoor spaces, entrances and living spaces serviced by master floors that behave as cul-de-sacs and a central core that acts as a vertical street. This building then takes the best of two worlds, the cultural enrichmnet of its surroundings, and the privacy of a suburban community.  

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