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Ironbound Public Library

Newark, New Jersey
The modern library, in a communal sense...

The library as a repository of knowledge has existed in the same format for millenia to a great degree of success, but in the face of the digital age, how does one design a building to be relevant not only to a new information era, but to a community? The Ironbound Neighbourhood in Newark, NJ is a place that has escaped the decline of the city by constantly reinventing itself to incoming demographics. To be reflective of change, a building should express the unsteady impermanence of it location, to be dynamic and flexible, in some ways, to be like technology. The building lifts itself from the ground as a form of rejection of the unchanging ground, to allow the influence of change to infiltrate it and rise throught the circuit of spaces that houses the books, reading and communal spaces. Then in turn the building does not serve only one finite purpose, but can be reinvented in a plethora of ways, like the community it inhabits.

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