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Hello dear visitor,



Welcome to GabrielbyDesign, a showcase of architectural and design work conducted by myself, Gabriel Dal'Maso. Here you will find a collection of the best and most unique work that I developed during my academic and personal time.


In my 27 years, I have traveled and lived in various countries around the world and I learned from those experiences that the realm of Architecture is rich in culture and context, and from that grew an appreciation for the design and spirit for which these buildings were conceived in their time. These experiences helped me fuel a vision that architecture is not a matter of planning or aesthetic, but a whole new way to interpret buildings that not only changes individual experience, but also changes the lives of its occupants.


These projects reveal the level of my ability to think in modest terms and in boldest scales. Each project is a reflection of the individual that designed them and my personal desire to never let a project hide behind it's own importance and gusto. That each building has its own voice and its own soul. That every building, is its own great statement in the place of its conception.

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