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Newark Visitor Center

Newark, New Jersey
A center that celebrates urban rebirth...

In Newark, NJ, one will find a sunken plaza that sits at the corner of Broad Street and Raymond Blvd. that for almost 60 years was the site of Newark's Service Terminal, a large terminus where the city's trolley and subway network merged together and brought Newark residents to the heart of the city's great financial and commercial center, but with the decline of the city, the Terminal was closed in the 1980's and a sunken plaza was built in it's place. The project called for the underused plaza to be turned into a Pavillion and Visitor Center to the city. In spirit of renewal, I created a gesture that scaled down the vast site to the visitor and created a space that seemed to rise from the earth as if bursting from the fabric of urban decay. This creates a drama of proportion and scale to the site which I sought appropriate to the history of the site and the vision of a city in rebirth.

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