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Paterson Gardens

Paterson, New Jersey
Public Zones and Market Floors
Paterson Club Terrace
Building Entrance
Paterson Gardens
When the end product becomes its origin...

Paterson New Jersey, was founded to be the country's first true Industrial city, the model which the entire country would follow as the industrial revolution took hold of the modern world. This city saw the boom and bust of many industries throughout the 18th and 19th Century, but by the end of the 20th Century it had become a former shadow of its industrious existence. Our project was originally a produce market which would service the community, which had seen itself become a 'food desert'. But in proper spirit of change I thought to incorporate an extra element to the project: The country's first experimental vertical farm, The Form of the building was derived from the geometry of its site and it's surroundings but there was a distinct quality to the project that was unique to this project alone. One half of the building provided market spaces that serviced the community with fresh fruits and vegetables, giving vistas of the surrounding city, while the other half housed Aeroponic growing facilities which would grow organic, pesticide-free produce all year. This project would continue the Paterson tradition of being the birthplace of new industry, and a new model for the country and the world to follow.

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