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Architectural Design

My projects employ a suite of Computer-Aided-Design systems and rendering software that aid and develop each project to their each individual necessity. Whether it be Rhinoceros 4.0 for the development of forms, Autodesk Revit to analyze construction costs and Autocad to develop intricate construction details, each project receives a great degree of design detail and conception. 


But no project is created without a narrative or idea, all projects designed by me carry in them the lessons of a world traveler. Immersed in a global vision of architecture that is as much an expression of not only its locale but of its people and its history. Projects then do not only become ideas in physical matter, but in themselves people... each with an identity and a spirit that is unlike each other but unique to their own. Architecture then returns to being a reflection of its occupants, and not of an architectural dogma.

Graphic Design

Presentation is everything with each project. Just like every painting has a complementing frame, every project has its own graphic presentation suited to its theme and premise. So to highlight each project, I use a composition of Adobe Creative Programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) to develop each presentation board and V-Ray Rendering Applications to portray each project in the light of their visual understanding and clarity.


The steps taken in graphic design ensure that the viewer can understand a project from every point of its creation from initial concept, development and detail to the finalized product.  Whether it is a small home or a large tower, each graphic design step highlights the best qualities of each building and presents an elegant placeholder to the architecture presented.

The Difference

Architecture to me is treated in a very different way than many architecs or students, it is not a question of whether it can be built or whether it adresses the vision of a dogma or style. Each project tests the capacity of one to think outside of what they think it's possible in the design of building, whether a cantilever can express lightness, or a pier can command strength. Each project is conceived so that although as unusual or modest as they may be, they can emerge out of the paper and into the real world.


My architecture is a demostration of my optimism on the capacity of human thinking. That we do not require an anectodal answer to every solution or a pre-conceived notion of how the world is suppose to operate. Whether my work is liked or dislike, it is conceived to be an article of discussion, and not of adoration.

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